20 June 2008

Your MP's Question of the Week #14

Terjemahan di sini.

In blogosphere which I have read here and there, the general perception has been that I have been "getting too personal" with AirAsia.

The complaints seem to range from why I continue to "harp" on the issues that I have raised in this blog and in parliament and why I also can't seem to be able to let go when the people's money have been sinisterly being abused for this private company.

If I am not wrong, most people would have preferred me to "close one eye." I really don't see the wisdom in that because why would I do that when I know fully well that two eyes will allow me to see things in better perspective?

To be honest, I have nothing personal against AirAsia and I wish I didn't have to raise all those issues with regard to the building of the LCCT for a private company using public funds and the money owed to MAB to the tune of RM110 million.

Just when I thought I would relent and not be too hard on AirAsia, this had to crop up.

After you have read what this blogger's take about this same airline is all about then you guys and gals can come back and then tell me whether, all this while, I have a 'good nose' to sniff out the dirty trails where our people's hard-earned money had been willy nilly used to prop up private businesses or not. Go, and read all about it here.

So the question for this week is this:

Should your MP for Wangsa Maju 'close one eye' on dirty maneuvers of the administration of using public's money to 'finance' private companies or he should continue to keep both his eyes wide open to such subtle or blatant abuses of public funds?