27 February 2008

Wangsa Maju is to us Wangsa SeMaju !

UPDATE 28-02-08: Ceramah Perdana Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim bersama calon PKR Parliament Wangsa Maju - 28-02-08 (Khamis), 8.00 malam - di Padang Permainan Blok A8, Seksyen 1, Wangsa Maju. Semua di jemput hadir!

UPDATE 3.44 pm: Large-scale vandalism and destruction of PKR's posters, banners, buntings, etc. in the Wangsa Maju constituency have been noted carried out by suspected agents of Barang Naik party. We have made a police report at the Wangsa Maju police station regarding this underhanded tactic and urge the authority to take stern action and ensure fair play throughout the election campaign period. Our police report number is 00274/80.

My dear constituents,

First and foremost, let me declare P116 to be
Wangsa SeMaju for all the voters.

Why? Because after spending quality time with you over the last 3 evenings, I have seen and felt the 'progress' that has already taken place in your hearts and minds.

You are sharp, smart and forward-looking than what the previous administration gives you credit for. They think bodoh and therefore they think you are like them. But they are so wrong and they insult your intelligence.

They think they can continue to divide Malaysians. They think they can continue to lie to the rakyat. They think they can continue to rape and abuse the country's wealth for their own benefit and leave the rakyat to suffer and fend for themselves.

They think wrong! And I know you know better - and deserve better -my fellow Wangsa SeMaju voters.

You deserve recognition and respect. You deserve better representation for your voice. You deserve your share of the country's resources and wealth that's rightfully yours as rakyat of this constituency and country. You deserve freedom as your fundamental right.

Above all, you deserve to be heard and you deserve to be served.

And I say Wangsa SeMaju voters you will be heard, like I have been, and you will be served.

Give me your support and work with me and together let's drive out the Barang Naik party. Let's bring in Barisan Rakyat, with Parti Keadilan Rakyat walking and working with you.

As long as I am doing the right things and have your support, there's nothing that we cannot achieve together to ensure our freedom and bring greater progress to this beloved place you call home.

I will not be intimidated by the police, the agents of the Barang Naik party. Remember, in a democratic society, the people should be accorded with the fundamental right of freedom of speech, assembly and movement. The Barang Naik party is only interested in paying lip service to freedom.

Wangsa SeMaju voters, always remember this: when freedom is outlawed, the outlaws are free.

So I do hope that the Barang Naik party will take note of this and stop denying the people their freedom and right. We will not accept your bully and lies. We will be unstoppable.

Thank you my dear Wangsa SeMaju voters for all your kind words, support and encouragement. I shall do my utmost to serve you in and out of Parliament - without fear or favour.

Let's work together to get rid of

the Barang Naik party on 08 March

and make P116 into the enviable

Wangsa SeMaju !