25 February 2008

Your vote and support will make the difference

Now that the nomination for the 12th General Election is over, you and I must start to work relentlessly to ensure that the Barisan Rakyat wins.

Barisan Rakyat is all of us in unity for social justice – PKR, PAS, DAP, PSM, PASOK and you and me.

I will need whatever help and support you can give me because Wangsa Maju is a new constituency for me. Please call Mr. Wong at 013-642 9303 should you wish to volunteer your service.

My beloved rakyat of Wangsa Maju, please also help me to speak and stand up against the might of the BN (BARANG NAIK) party. And with your votes strongly behind me, I am certain that we can easily overcome the Barang Naik party with ease. So walk and stand with me against all the injustices perpetrated by the Barang Naik party.

YOU, the voters, are the boss of Malaysia for this period. Even the Sleepy Head, his son-in-law, Khairy, and their machais have to run to you pleading for your votes. In other words, your future and the country's future are now in your hands.

As I have said all along, we are the MANAGING DIRECTORS” of our own destiny and so let us take charge. Let us take control of our future and don’t simply hand it over to the corrupt, the arrogant and the irresponsible who are there only for themselves and leave the rakyat to suffer and to be abused.

I believe that YOU and I share the same hope for a clean, fair and responsible government. So vote Barisan Rakyat – for country and for all Malaysians.

Thank you.