21 April 2008

Photo album of illegal structures & illegal immigrants in Petaling Street

(中文版,请点击这里. - 翻译员:cc liew, Wee Choo Keong 致于万二分谢意 )

UPDATE, 23-04-08: Latest addition to the album at bottom.

The following pixs are sent to me by a regular reader of this blog who took the trouble to go down to Petaling Street earlier today, 20 April, and clicked away at whatever caught the eyes.

With these 'evidence,' DBKL and the Federal Territory Ministry cannot be blind to the issues that I have been highlighting to them, and, on this blog.

The fact that there is great reluctance on their part to act and rectify the situation suggests that there may be something unwhole$ome happening behind the $cene$.

The illegal structures ... the blatant disregard for traffic flow ... unlicensed stalls set up by illegal immigrants in the middle of the road ... they are here for all to see!

(Note: the following 2 pixs are scenes along Jalan Sultan.)

(This illegal 'island' structure is located beside Furama Hotel.)

Look, there is even this DBKL 'office' equipped with CCTVs permanently located here to monitor the place! DBKL's continuous claim that they are 'not aware of what's happening' cannot work anymore. What gives?

Latest addition, 23-04-08: Apparently, as I have been told, DBKL often has one of thier trucks parked nearby for 'show' only or as a suitable means to effectively let some cohorts know that they are pre$ent to do their due$.