10 March 2008

A new beginning for Wangsa Maju

UPDATE 7.00 pm: It's confirmed I have secured an appointment with the Chief Inspector of Wangsa Maju police station at 11.30 am tomorrow (11 March) to discuss the security issue in the constituency

My brothers and sisters,

After some much-needed rest, I am glad that I am now back on my feet again - ready to serve.

But first thing first, a big thank you for all your support to help get me into parliament. I am now your Ahli Parliament Wangsa Maju. Walk with me. Our journey has just begun!

Your interest will always come first. Your voice will be my voice. Your fight will be my fight. I will serve Wangsa Maju without fear and favour - so help me God.

Brothers and sisters, please give me some time to set up my new abode in Wangsa Maju. I will have to review our constituency's need and see where would be the most ideal place to locate our bilek gerakan or nerve center to serve Wangsa Maju effectively. So please bear with me okay.

By the way, here's a little aside news. I was privy to information that almost all the major newspapers in the country had been booked by the Barang Naik party to advertise their congratulatory messages on 09 March to celebrate their victory. But the spaces booked were apparently cancelled at the last minute on Friday 07 because they heard Barang Naik party was going to lose big time! Boy, were they right.

The wind of change has blown and it will continue to blow until every specter of racism, injustice and corruption in our country is cleared.

The rakyat has spoken. The rakyat is the boss. The rakyat will call the shots. The rakyat will take back control from the arrogant, the corrupt and the hypocrites.

Walk with me my brothers and sisters. With about 60,000 of you registered voters behind me, we cannot fail!

Our first item on our agenda is the security situation of Wangsa Maju. I will be meeting up with the OCPD of Wangsa Maju soon to urge him to give this item first priority. Then I will seek the commitment of the IGP on same. Then I will take our case to Parliament to make this issue into a national agenda. Wangsa Maju will lead the way.

The second item on our agenda in Parliament will be our judiciary. We need to fix it urgently as you have seen how our judges have been influenced and controlled by businessmen and lawyers.

Until and unless our judiciary is clean, independent and incorruptible the rakyat will never enjoy full freedom and democracy. The rakyat will not have their protection of last-resort. This will never do. Justice is not for the rich only but also for the poor and the down-trodden - the ordinary rakyat.

Justice is a right, not a privilege. Justice can never be held ransom. Justice is not for sale in the supermarket.

Walk with me Wangsa Maju. Interesting times are ahead for the better. Should you have issues that I should bring up in parliament on your behalf, please feel free to leave me a comment. I need inputs from you.

Thank you and have a good day.