01 March 2008

What, the BN party are bankrupt of political ideas and now resorting to more lies?

The Barang Naik party know their days are coming to an end. They know they have nothing concrete to show to the rakyat after 50 years of independence. They know the rakyat have no more ears to listen to their LIES and BULLSHITS.

So what do this Barang Naik party, especially their partner-in-crime MCA, do?

They do the obvious. They resort to dirty tactics ... for it is in their nature.

As the days get nearer to the polling day, I can assure you they will not stop at anything to THREATEN the rakyat. Their dirty tactics will get dirtier and dirtier.

But we will not be swayed. We will stand firm. We will get rid of this haprak party that only know how to screw the rakyat and benefit themselves. WE will show them that WE ARE THE BOSS and not them.

We will Vote Keadilan come March 8!

And for your information, we have filed a complaint with the Election Commission and lodged a police report (no: 2349/08) with the Setapak Police station against the Barang Naik party for their LATEST THREAT against the rakyat of Wangsa Maju. They have now resorted to using seditious posters and banners.

- There's no name to nor ownership of this seditious banner.
That shows they have no guts. They only know how to LIE. -

The MCA are using the religion of Islam to instill fear in the voters and public, claiming PKR is working together with PAS to further their cause.


You, MCA, are LIARS!

PKR, like PAS, is part of the Barisan Rakyat which comprises of all other major opposition parties. Together, we are working to reclaim the country back into the hands of the rakyat. The rakyat is the boss and we believe the rakyat should have their say of WHO and HOW this country should be governed. We are doing just that. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Like I said before, the Barang Naik party will insult the intelligence of the rakyat. Just because they think bodoh they think we are like them. They are so wrong!

It's the 21st century and the rakyat should be smart enough to see through the lies of this Barang Naik party. Only a desperate party will resort to desperate tactics.

People of Wangsa Maju, reject the lying Barang Naik party and Vote Keadilan on March 8! Thank you.