02 March 2008

Visit to pasar tani at Taman Kota Danau this morning

Some photos taken during this morning's visit to Wangsa Maju, 02 March 2008.

Yes, I like big bikes, too. Like everyone else, I have a hobby and I believe in working hard ... playing hard. Sunday is usually the day I take my iron-horse for some 'exercise'. Why should it be any different this Sunday?

I am a down-to-earth guy and I want my constituents to know me as I am. I really enjoy it when the rakyat I meet can talk about their love for big bikes, too. That way we connect and we can talk about anything under the sun. It's important for a MP serving his or her constituency to be approachable so the rakyat can bring their problems to him or her anytime.

Thank you all for spending time with me this morning. I really appreciate it.